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Are you happy when you find cracks on your things? What do you find in cracks? It's common to find unwanted things in cracks such as weeds. In the same way, cracks in our hearts allows sin to grow in our lives. Sin is like weeds, they can be found everywhere in places we don't take proper care of and oftentimes they may look enticing and beautiful just like dandelions and some pretty looking flower weeds. However, all weeds take away nutrients from other good plants around them leading to poor health for the good plants. Similarly, sin in our hearts can lead us astray from pursuing God if we don't do something to stop the growth or get rid of it. Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of the weeds of sin in our lives through the lens of the Gospel:

  1. Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection destroyed the power of sin so sin no longer holds power over us. The more we pursue Christ, the more we'll see the death of sin in our lives.
  2. Worldly pursuits don't seem as attractive when compared to the pursuit of life in Christ.
  3. There is no relationship on earth more important to our identity than our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  4. Pursuing life in Christ means relying on God and God's people, not relying only on ourselves.

The pursuit of life in Christ leads to the death of sin allowing us to actively pull out the weeds growing in our lives.

If you are in Grade 6-9 and are looking for a church, we invite you to join our Youth Online Worship every Sunday at 10am-11am. You can register using this link.