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What's the best story you've ever read or heard? Everyone loves to read or hear a good story. In every good story, there is always a beginning; followed by a conflict; then the conflict resolution; and finally the main character lives happily ever after. In the same way, in our reality, each of us is living and creating a story, our life story. We all face different challenges and conflicts, however, we often feel trapped and suffocated in our own stories. We always strive to overcome the conflict in order to have a better ending but the hope of living happily ever after often seems so out of reach. As followers of Jesus, how does the good news bring hope to our life stories in the midst of conflicts, hardships and challenges? This teaching series will help the youth to:
  • Identify lies which they may have believed in their life stories
  • Find their way back when they are lost
  • Find redemption when they feel hopeless
  • Understand they are never alone even in life's darkest moments 
When we see our story through the lens of the Gospel, we see our stories within God's bigger story. If you are in Grade 6-9 and are looking for a church, we invite you to join our Youth Online Worship every Sunday at 10am-11am. You can register using this link.