Who can participate?

  • The school program is open to English-speaking youths (Grade 9 and up) and adults at Koinonia Evangelical Church.  If you are eager to learn to worship God through music, you are welcome to apply.

What is the school schedule?

  • School year starts in September and ends in June.
  • Lessons are held weekly on Sunday afternoon (see school calendar for details)

What is the location?

  • Koinonia Ministry Centre 150 - 13775 Commerce Parkway, Richmond, B.C.

What is the tuition?

  • The cost for each student is approximately $30 per weekly lesson. However, the Church will be investing in our next generation through this ministry, therefore the tuition cost for each youth student is fully covered by the Church.

What is the length of the program?

  • The two-level program is designed to be completed in two years.

What is the structure of the program?

  • The student can choose to major in one of three streams: Rhythm Section, Vocal, Solo Instruments.  
    1. Vocal Section
    2. Rhythm Section – bass, guitar, drums, percussion, piano, keyboard
    3. Solo Instruments – orchestral instruments (e.g. violin, viola, cello, bass), concert band instruments (e.g. saxophone, trumpet, clarinet)
  • After completing the two-level program, outstanding students may be invited to enrol in advanced studies to become one of: Band Leader, Arranger, Orchestrator, Conductor, Choir Director, Worship Leader.

What will the students learn at the school?

  • It is our vision to inspire and nurture students in becoming Christ-centered worshippers who are excited in worshipping God through music.
  • The school curriculum is based on three foundations of Worship:
    1. Musical Training
    2. Character Development
    3. Spiritual Engagement
  • The instructions in the academy is based on a 5 E’s objective aimed to develop the three foundations of Worship.
    1. Enjoyment in worship & music
    2. Excellence in worship & musical techniques
    3. Engagement in worship
    4. Eager to learn and grow in musical skills, character, and spiritual lives
    5. Example of a Christ-centered worshipper

How do I apply?

  • Applications are open each year around June, with auditions scheduled in July. Please check our website for details.